Monday, December 21, 2009

Operation Smile

Did you know that it costs only $240 to help a child with a cleft lip? Operation Smile is a group that sends surgeons to poor areas to fix cleft lips and cleft palates. I'm working on a fundraiser for this. My mom tells me that the best way for me to make a difference is to take my little bit of money and make it into a lot of money. This might be another dog biscuit selling job, or maybe a raffle. A girl in my town used her allowance to buy 2 Webkinz that she raffled to raise money for the humane society. That's smart! I'll let you know what I choose.
My class is raising money for Pennies for Peace. My birthday is just after Christmas, and I'm asking my friends to donate pennies instead of bringing me a gift.
Kids can do a lot! I want to move to Africa right now and do surgeries, but I have to go to medical school first. ;)