Monday, January 28, 2013


     Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted anything for a long time. I haven't been doing any super-duper-awesome  sauce science lately, but my friends and I HAVE been doing this video, Respiratory Style. We had to do a project about the respiratory system. We decided to do a music video and then we decided to do it as a parody to Gangnam Style. I was going to do the singing but I wimped out at the last moment. It was freezing when we shot the video. Driving around in the car took up most of the time. All of us had screens and we were playing them in the back seats. If we recorded our bloopers the ratio to actual serious filming would be 99999999999:0.

           I also made a cell poster while we were studying cells. Human and plant. I love nature so much that I decided my poster theme would be nature. I chose to use my dog's fur for the cytoplasm (the stuff filling in the spaces), because we just have so much of it! I went out dino-poop hunting with my grandpa and found lots. I used it as the waste removal organelle in the cell. We got to smash it to pieces for my poster! I put the glue down and placed the larger chunks first, then I filled in all the gaps with smaller pieces. I sat there with tweezers for what felt like half an hour!

     I've been taking a bunch of pictures of my dog for some reason. He has these odd lumps of skin on his bottom eyelids. They're tiny but, I hope they don't get infected or something. I haven't learned about that! And I know just about everything there is to know about dogs! If you look at my books in my room, They're almost all either about dragons or dogs. We taught our puppy to "Bow to the Queen", "Dance" and, "Go get Your Lamb!" (I'm his lamb). When I was little and my dad would pick me up, Flash (the dog) would freak out. He's a Border Collie so he's bred to herd sheep. He would nip my heels and I would have a bunch of bruises on my feet from him. I never remembered Flash biting me though. He kept on doing this until we taught him to chomp on a toy instead of me. Whenever something weird happens, we hear Flash bolt downstairs to grab a toy, and him bolting back up.

     Flash also has a lot of fears; some are: getting blown on, baths, water, big people, my brother in his new coat, fireworks, and us making any sort of popping sound. Luckily he's not scared of spoons and stairs anymore.

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